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only cushions

Our brand new site sells only cushion covers.  You may call them throw pillows or scatter cushions depending on which part of the world you come from. Filling is available too.

By concentrating on only cushions we can provide you a wide range of styles and sizes ranging from modern to traditional.

We also include fun cushions for kids or kids at heart.

Our blog will feature articles on home decor, particularly in relation to accessorizing your home with cushions.

Apart from the comfort factor, cushions enhance your room with color. With the modern trend for plain fabrics and neutral colors cushion covers are a way of adding your own individual style. Match them with other feature colors in your room (rugs, wall decor and ornaments..) to produce a coordinated look.

Changing only your cushion covers can change feel of a room. Change them with the seasons or when your mood takes you. It’s a cheap way of creating a new look.

Throw pillows on bed create a comfortable and luxurious feel, as well as providing support for when you are reading or watching TV. The term throw pillows seems to suit bed usage because throw them off when we go to sleep.

Keep tuned for more posts.